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Weekly Update from NAHSCP

Weekly update from Stephen Brown, Director (Health & Social Care Partnership)
Test and Protect App

The new Test and Protect App has now been officially launched in Scotland. This will undoubtedly assist greatly in ensuring that our ability to alert those who have been in close contact with someone who is then tested positive for COVID-19 and advise them accordingly. Whilst our contact tracers continue to do sterling work locally, I’m sure you can appreciate the time-consuming nature of that work. The ability to use technology to assist in containing the spread of the virus is something we should all embrace.

Contact tracing teams across Scotland have been provided with a briefing note about how the app works and how they should use it. It’s a helpful, easy to read document and I attach it to the e-mail today for info. I know that some people have had reservations about how such apps work and how they will be used, but hopefully the attached document will help alleviate any concerns. I know that some phones will, unfortunately, be unable to use the app due to the version of operating system required on the phone but for anyone with the appropriate version, I would urge you to download the app.

On a lighter note

If, like me, you sometimes get frustrated by the use of acronyms for meetings, I feel I just have to share my own personal experience this week. In the short space of a few days, I have attended the Care Home Oversight Group, Strategic Planning and Operational Group and Chief Officers Group. This essentially means that I’ve been at CHOG, SPOG and COG. I can also confirm that I have a forthcoming SOG (Senior Officers Group) in the diary! Just as well that I was able to rumble things up by attending a number of EMTs and the CPP.

I do not make this stuff up.

Finally, whether you are working this weekend or not, have a good one.


“Like everyone, we faced unprecedented circumstances, however, our teaching and support staff used their skills, knowledge and experience to act, react and respond to the situation we found ourselves in.

– Caroline Amos, Head of Education

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