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Additional Bank Holiday – what you need to know

Read the update below from HR on working arrangements for the additional Bank Holiday on Monday 19 September.

Additional bank holiday guidance for all staff

Monday 19 September, the date of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral will be a national bank holiday to mark the last day of the period of national mourning. This will allow individuals, businesses and other organisations to pay their respects to Her Majesty and commemorate her reign.

The workforce arrangements for this period are outlined below:

  • Those already on a bank holiday due to it being a fixed public holiday will continue to have this day as a bank holiday and will be provided with a compensatory annual leave day to take at a time of their choosing at a later date. Further communications will follow regards the pro-rata calculation for employees who do not work full-time.
  • Those scheduled to work but where service delivery can be ceased and re-scheduled, will be provided with the day off on 19 September 2022.
    Directors/HOS will provide local details in relation to this arrangement.
  • Those scheduled to work but service delivery must continue, a compensatory annual leave day will be provided to take at a later date.

Please see read the Working Arrangements Briefing Note for further information. The briefing note also includes specific details on the administrative arrangements in place to ensure that Kelio/Annual Leave Cards are amended correctly.

Should any clarification be required in on the above update, please speak to your Line Manager in the first instance, or if required contact HR by email:

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