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Advertising and sponsorship – creating opportunity and sustainability

Something we can all agree on is that these are very challenging economic times and because of this it is a necessity not a luxury to do things in a different way to ensure that our services are sustainable.

Services generating positive financial contributions and best value will increasingly be considered as the norm.

North Ayrshire Council aims to maximise the use of its land and assets and explore new opportunities for securing best value. The objective is to safeguard and enhance local services and assets for the benefit of local businesses and communities.

Head of Neighbourhood Services, Thomas Reaney shares: “We are committed to maximising positive impact with surpluses generated through ethical approaches that will be reinvested locally to develop assets and services.”

With the current economic challenges, the provision of low cost opportunities for businesses to promote their brand, services and products to customers has become even more important. The demand for cost-effective local advertising and sponsorship opportunities has been high and clearly demonstrated through the rapid take up and interest of businesses.

A range of advertising and sponsorship initiatives have been made available to provide promotional opportunities for local businesses, that are cost-effective, help overcome current business challenges and create increased market share and sustainable potential.

Opportunities include advertising on roundabouts that provide the advantage of adverts being available all year round that are not constrained by varying time factors. Furthermore, as sole advertiser, adverts do not appear alongside competitors as they would with most other forms of advertising. Advertising on vehicles can communicate messages to a significantly higher number of people than other ‘static’ channels. It guarantees views out on the roads or when parked.

Making your business and organisation contacts aware of these opportunities is important. By encouraging greater involvement in advertising and sponsorship in North Ayrshire not only will you be helping local businesses, but you will also be facilitating reinvestment in local services, contributing to best value and sustainability.

Further details are available from: Sponsorship and advertising (

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