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An update to Complaints Process

The complaint eforms in EMPro (formerly called Lagan) complaint cases are changing…

Why are they changing?

All electronic forms in EMPro are being transitioned to a new form called Verint Online Form (VOF). The complaint eforms are included in this transition.

What are the benefits?

  • the two current eforms (frontline and closure) will be replaced with one form
  • much of the information captured is the same
  • you can now search for the complainant’s record in the form
  • the details of the complaint can now be better captured
  • the form is more dynamic which will reduce keying errors

What happens next?

Darren Miller, Complaint Manager, will host a series of Teams calls on the new form in early December to demonstrate the form’s new look and feel.

If you are an employee that logs/closes complaints in EMPro please email by the end of November to confirm attendance at one of the demos.

A selection of demo dates to choose from will be released early December.

Person using computer mouse

A new complaint logging guide will be created to support EMPro users when logging/closing complaints using the new form and will be published on the complaint page in Connects.

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