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Are you worried about a vulnerable adult?

Help us protect vulnerable people in our community during the pandemic.

Illness, or disability, can make an individual reliant upon others for help and support.

In some cases, reliance can increase vulnerability to abuse and exploitation when trust is abused. People over the age of 16, who fall into this group, are sometimes referred to as adults at risk of harm.

Harm can be in different forms: physical, psychological like bullying or verbal abuse, neglect, financial exploitation or sexual abuse.

Vulnerable people at risk could be someone who, through mental or physical disability:

  • is unable to live unsupported alone
  • cannot deal with their own financial affairs
  • has suffered or is suffering physical or emotional abuse
  • has been or is being financially exploited
  • poses a danger to themselves or others

If you have concerns that a vulnerable adult may be at risk, then please contact our Adult Support and Protection team on:

01294 310005 (Three Towns)
01294 310300 (Irvine & Kilwinning)
01505 684551 (Garnock Valley)
01475 687592 (Largs)

Lines are open Monday to Thursday 9am – 4.45pm and Friday 9am–4.30pm. The out of hours number is: 0800 328 7758.

If the person is in immediate danger or in an emergency situation, call Police Scotland on 999. For non-emergency situations call 101.

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