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Benefit from the Council’s new Softphone technology

IT services have been working hard to ensure we continue to get the best from the council’s technology investments, many of you have migrated to softphone enabling you to make and receive calls wherever you are using your laptop and headset, this facility has been very successful assisting our services in agile working.

Please make sure you log on to softphone every day, to make this a bit simpler IT Services have made a small change which will start the softphone application on your device as soon as you logon.

What is a softphone and what does this mean for me? 

Softphone is technology which enables phone calls to be made and received using your laptop and a headset this means, wherever you are with your laptop and an internet connection you can make calls and others can call you, there is no need to forward to your mobile device your extension is available via your laptop.

Softphone removes the requirement for a desk phone and in line with the new telephony strategy desk phones have now been removed and only  in exceptional circumstances, will a desk phone can be retained.

What do I need to do if I want to use softphone? 

You must have a windows 10 laptop, be using our corporate VPN connection for remote access and your office must be on the corporate telephony system if you want to find out if you can be setup for softphone now. please contact our service desk on 01294 324290, we will make an appointment for you to collect a headset from Cunninghame house, we have been configuring everyone in the system so once you pick up your headset you are ready to start using this fabulous flexible technology.

Don’t worry if your office is not yet on the corporate telephony system as the corporate telephony project is in progress migrating many offices that remain on standalone systems to our corporate system.

To find out what version of Windows you have and whether or not you are using NAC VPN, follow the IT instructions here.

And, if you need help setting up your Softphone, watch the How To video here.

When using softphone, you can still use voicemail

To activate Voicemail when using softphone click on the Call Setting Icon (looks like small green computer screen) at the bottom of the softphone application.

Then, click on ‘Forward Calls’ and if 4213 is not already listed click on New Number then enter 4213.  If this is there, simply click on this.  It will show at the bottom that calls are forwarded to 4213. To remove this forward simply click on where it shows the message (see left)

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