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Bin collection dates for the calendar

There will be some changes to bin collections on the mainland and the islands during the festive season.

The advice is to put your household bin out for 7am as the actual time of collection might vary during the holidays.

And if adverse weather affects your area, the Council will return to collect your bin when possible.

On the mainland and Cumbrae only, the domestic and commercial collection days for Monday, December 26th and Monday, January 2nd will change. Bins due for collection on 26th December 2022 will be collected 24th December 2022. Bins due for collection on 2nd January 2023, will be collected on 31st December 2022. All other collection days remain unaffected.

And on Arran, domestic collection dates in December will change as follows: Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th; Tuesday 27th to Thursday 29th; Wednesday 28th to Friday 30th.

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In January, uplifts change from: Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th; Tuesday 3rd to Thursday 5th and Wednesday 4th to Friday 6th.

Please phone the local office on 01770 600338 if you need further details. If adverse weather affects the Arran area, the Council will return to collect your bin when possible, and please remember to put your bin out for 7am.

There will also be changes to the dates for commercial waste collections. Those due on December 26th and 27th will be done on the 27th only, while uplifts scheduled for January 2nd and 3rd will be collected on the 3rd only. Again, call the local office if you would like more information.

In all areas, the Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres will shut at 2pm on Christmas Eve, remaining closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the 27th. The centres close again at 2pm on Hogmanay, remaining closed on Sunday, January 1st, Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd – but will be open as usual all other days.

Bulky collections (special uplifts) will stop on Friday, December 16th and start again on Monday, January 9th. Please visit the Council’s bin collection day website for information during the festive period.

On the mainland and Cumbrae, real Christmas trees (in sections of 5ft or less) will be collected if you leave them next to your brown bin. This starts on Monday, January 9th over the next two-week collection cycle.

Check your collection calendar, to see what dates the Council is collecting in your area, here:

On Arran, real Christmas trees can be deposited at the Brodick Household Waste Recycling Centre in Market Road.

Councillor Scott Davidson, Cabinet Member for Place, said: “During the festive period people can end up with more packaging and – potentially – food waste than usual. So, it is important for us all to play our part by recycling and using the proper bins.

“Please take a note of any changes to bin collection dates in your area.”

Arran domestic collections:

Usual collection Rescheduled collection
Monday 26 December Wednesday 28 December
Tuesday 27 December Thursday 29 December
Wednesday 28 December Friday 30 December
Monday 2 January Wednesday 4 January
Tuesday 3 January Thursday 5 January
Wednesday 4 January Friday 6 January

If adverse weather affects the Arran area, the Council will return to collect your bin when possible, and please remember to put your bin out for 7am.

Mainland and Cumbrae domestic and commercial collections:

Usual Collection Rescheduled Collection
Monday 26th December Saturday 24th December
Monday 2nd January Saturday 31st December
If your normal collection day does not fall on these days it will be unaffected and remain the same.

For a reminder of how to put the right items in the correct bin, visit the Council webpage:

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