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Booking annual leave update for Kelio users

Read our round-up of what you need to know in relation to annual leave entitlement and booking annual leave before the end of 2022.


Please note that all COVID Leave should be used by Saturday 31 December 2022 as this will not be carried forward into 2023.

Annual Leave

All annual leave being taken in 2022 must be applied for by Friday 9 December 2022 and all requests must be approved by your Line Manager no later than Monday 12 December.  Please note that once the balance has been transferred to 2023 it will not be transferred back to 2022. After the 12 December, the Kelio Admin team will then calculate your remaining Annual Leave entitlement, and this will be manually transferred to your 2023 balance. Upon Sunday 1 January, any annual leave that you have pre-booked for 2023 will be reflected in your balances.

A reminder of different types of leave on Kelio

The following categories of leave have been available for you to book in 2022.

  • Annual Leave – This is your 2022 Annual Leave entitlement which should be used by 31st December 2022.
  • Carry Forward COVID Leave – This is any leave you had left from 2020 that was automatically carried over and must be used by 31st December 2022.
  • Carry Forward Leave – This is any leave you had left from your 2021 entitlement and should have been used by 31st January 2022 unless otherwise agreed with Head of People and ICT.

To help streamline, you will only have one type of leave available to book for 2023 – Annual Leave. This will include your 2023 Annual Leave entitlement and any leave you carry over from 2022.  Please take note of when these allowances should be used by:

  • 2022 Leave carried forward – should be used by no later than 31st January 2023
  • 2023 Leave entitlement – should be used by 31st December 2023

Please note that should a service/manager not require 2022 carry forward leave to be added to 2023 Annual Leave entitlement, please contact the Kelio Admin team to arrange for this balance to be removed:

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