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Collaboration moving website redesign forward

IT Services have been working with our communities and colleagues to improve the design, functionality, and content of the Council website.

IT Services ask that those currently reviewing webpage content, documents and updating key messages related to the Council Plan continue to do so.

65% of pages and content have now been signed off. This would not be possible without the continued efforts and collaboration from services, whom the team would like to extend their thanks to.

Senior management approval is required in order for pages to be signed off, so please log a job on the IT portal with any new page requests or changes.

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Thanks to this collaborative approach, IT Services have now removed 250 out of date documents from the website and are improving the accessibility of those remaining. As an alternative to documents, it is worthwhile considering alternative ways of sharing content to simplify and improve access to Council services for everyone.

Have your say

Over the last 8 weeks, we have been developing designs and building prototypes for the new website for testing. IT are keen to get your view on this, so please take part in the short survey to share your thoughts.

What’s next

IT Services will continue testing with customers within the community, third parties and businesses. We will also be using the Council’s social media platforms to encourage testing and capture online results, as well as organising focus groups and 1-to-1 sessions, to capture as many views as possible.

Information about the website redesign will continue to be promoted through Council wide channels via Connects and News in Brief encouraging colleagues to sign up to test our websites and online services.

In early summer we are hoping to launch a ‘beta version’ of the Council’s new website. This will run in parallel with the existing website, recording data and gathering everyone’s feedback. Everyone will be offered the opportunity to provide feedback, with more information following in due course.

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