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Considering cycling to work?

If you are thinking about using your own personal bike to cycle to work, you now have the option to claim expenses for business mileage.

You may know that North Ayrshire Council have a Policy that allows you to claim for business mileage for when using your own vehicle when pool cars are not available, but do you know that you also have the option to claim expenses at 20p a mile for business mileage, if using your own personal bike.

But before jumping on that bike and clocking up all the miles for business related duties, please ensure the following steps have been followed:

  • Claiming expenses must be authorised by your Head of Service, as per Clause 8.1.2
  • Where “Pool Cars” are not available for business use, then an employee who is authorised by the Director or Head of Service to use his/her bicycle shall be granted the allowances in accordance with HMRC Rates Bicycles set out in Appendix F. Here. These allowances may be amended from time to time
  • The bicclye journey must be practical, and less than 10 miles return duration in a day. As per Clause 8.2.1
  • You Are fit and healthy, have a roadworthy bike and must wear a protective helmet, appropriate footwear and suitable high visibility clothing during business travel. As per Clause 8.2.1
  • Ensure that correct insurances are in place as per Clause 8.2.4
  • Finally, cycle mileage expense cannot be claimed by employees whilst they are making payslip deductions towards a bike purchased via the Council’s ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’. This is in accordance with HMRC regulations. Clause 8.2.1
Cycle to work

Find out more about about the Cycle to Work Scheme on Connects here.

Cycle to Work Scheme is a government initiative run through employee benefits, which offers the most cost-effective way to get new cycling equipment. Benefits include:

  • Saving up to 49% on the retail cost of a new bike & accessories.
  • Paying nothing upfront with subsequent payments taken by instalments, directly from your salary.
  • Zero tax or National Insurance paid on your new bike.
  • E-Bikes can be purchased through the scheme.
  • No end of scheme fee.
  • Feeling fitter, productive and more energised.
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