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Council Leader update July 2023

Council staff and partners are uniting to help residents with Cost-of-Living support.

The Council Family is being encouraged to continue the great work we already do in helping residents find the right information they need to help them access Cost-of-Living support. A key policy called No Wrong Door is being launched to build on existing efforts to ensure that residents can access the funding or support they need – whether this be in relation to paying energy bills, accessing education grants for footwear and school meals or finding out more about state benefits.

Many Council employees are already doing their very best to support those in need of guidance when it comes to the Cost-of-Living Crisis, and No Wrong Door will help further raise awareness that many people in our communities desperately need to know where they can access the right advice and support.

In practical terms, this means that when any Council employee – or employees and volunteers connected to our partners – are asked by members of the public for Cost-of-Living information they simply do their best to help. Many staff are already going that extra mile for members of the public on a regular basis.

And it is crucial now – more than ever – that people are directed towards the support they need as quickly as possible. This video from Council Leader Marie Burns, Chief Executive Craig Hatton and staff explains the approach.

Read more in the No Wrong Door Latest News article.

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