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Got Time to Talk?

If you haven’t managed to get your Our Time to Talk conversations done for this financial year yet, make sure you get them planned in the diary before the end of March deadline.

It’s so important that all managers and employees take stock at least once a year to talk about the employee’s contribution to the team.

If you are a line manager, you will know how important it is to have conversations to check in on your team member’s wellbeing, making sure that they are fulfilling their role within the team, as well as living and breathing our Values plus ensuring that we support and develop them along the way.

For a reminder of how these conversations should flow – check out the sample scripts on the Our Time to Talk page on Connects.  You’ll also find the instructions of how to nominate on CHRIS for upcoming training courses.

Are you in need of some Learning and Development inspiration for 2022?

If you are in need of some inspiration of what development is available you can find details of this on the Training and Development Opportunities page or if you are a manager or an aspiring manager, development that is appropriate to you can be found within the Leadership Academy.

Our courses continue to run successfully online through MS Teams and will continue to do so for the time being.  In addition, there is a bank of over 30 courses currently available on iLearn, the corporate e-learning platform with several more coming online soon so log in regularly to keep up to date with what’s available.

Our Time To Talk key timelines

New Employees – this should be done about 3 months from your start date.   If you haven’t had your Our Time to Talk, ask your line manager about it.

All other Employees – this must be done annually but can be done at any point in the financial year.  Make sure you have at least one conversation scheduled in this year with your manager.

Managers – Ensure you get these in the diary for all of your team.  Spread them out over a few weeks dependant on how many employees you are responsible for.

Teaching Staff & Psychologists – it is your own Professional Review and Development (PRD) process that applies.

Remember that these conversations can be conducted in person but can just as easily be conducted virtually via Teams.

Also if you’ve completed the learning applicable to your role and are looking for other ideas to expand your knowledge and skills, why not look at OpenLearn – The Open University’s free online suite of courses.

As always, if you would like to discuss any aspect of your learning and development contact the team at

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