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Engagement session for Covid memorial

North Ayrshire’s contribution to the Remembering Together Covid memorial will be built at Eglinton Park in the coming months by commissioned artist Aeneas Wilder.

The artist and our Engagement team held an Open House event at the end of May where colleagues from Youth Services, Arts and Culture and members of the public met with the artist to contribute their own ideas to the next phase of the project. Thanks to those who attended.

At the session, Aeneas shared how the Remembering Together Project has continued to evolve since the conclusion of Phase One. He also gave attendees a sneak peek of how his designs for North Ayrshire’s contribution to the memorial are taking shape – stay tuned for more updates.

About the commissioned artist

Initially studying sculpture in Dundee, his work encompasses large-scale installations and central to all his work is a sense of transience and impermanence.

Aeneas has worked around the world with multiple exhibitions in Japan, The Netherlands, Belgium, USA, France and the UK.

Creating an engaging space for reflection

Located at Eglinton Country Park, the aim of the Remembering Together project will be for Aeneas to sensitively create a piece of public art that will reflect the diversity of experiences of our community during the pandemic.

The final piece of art is intended to be a space for reflection and sharing of community experiences.

Aeneas’ design was chosen because it has a connective sculptural approach with cleverly and thoughtfully positioned seating and so this perfectly encapsulates Remembering Together’s overarching themes – identified by the public – of:

  • Human connection and interaction;
  • Meditation and relaxation;
  • The things we missed most;
  • Natural scenery and experiencing the outdoors;
  • The art piece created is intended to provide an artistic approach to public infrastructure, where people can sit together, reflect, spend time together and play.
  • Most importantly, it will be a memorial to represent all the people of North Ayrshire.

Aeneas said: “It is a great privilege to have the opportunity to connect and work with the communities of North Ayrshire and greenspace scotland to realise this project.

“The North Ayrshire Remembering Together Covid Memorial is my first major project in Scotland and is significant to me in that it will be a community inspired and monumental work, that commemorates and acknowledges the immense efforts, sacrifices, losses and love that everyone experienced and went through during the pandemic.

“This is such a unique opportunity. It’s great to now be getting started.”

Artist and member of public at recent engagement session for North Ayrshire's Covid memorial
Aeneas shares ideas at recent session at the Racquet Hall, Eglinton Country Park
Artist Aeneas at recent session at the Racquet Hall, Eglinton Country Park

Throughout the project, there will be opportunities for community volunteers and young people to be part of the action. If your Service is interested in volunteering some time to help with the project, please register your interest via email to:

Design prototype of Covid Memorial seating
Design prototype of Covid Memorial seating
Wooden prototype of Covid Memorial wall composition
Wooden prototype of Covid Memorial wall composition
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