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Your chance to win a £2k cycling voucher

News alert! The Smoothie Bike is coming to our Eco-Awareness event tomorrow! Visit the Home Energy Scotland stall for some helpful energy-saving tips then pop on their bike to make a refreshing pedal-powered smoothie for your chance to win a £2,000 cycling voucher!

In case you missed the previous news article, here’s a round-up below…

The Waste Awareness Team is joining forces with Active Travel, Energy & Sustainability, our Fairer Food network, Cunninghame Furniture Recycling Co and Home Energy Scotland to host an upcoming Eco Awareness lunchtime learning event.

Taking place at Cunninghame House between 12-2pm on Wednesday 10 May (see poster below for full details), this lunchtime drop-in session will also give staff the opportunity to learn more about Warp It.*

In a casual, drop-in format, the session will consist of a series of helpful information stalls featuring the:

  • Active Travel Team – where you can learn about how you can cut carbon by making greener travel choices;
  • Energy & Sustainability Team – where you can find out about energy efficiency tips and how to save money on bills;
  • Waste Awareness Team – where colleagues will have the chance to take part in an interactive activity to brush up their in office and at home recycling knowledge. This stall will also have all the information you need to know about Warp It and how to sign up;
  • Fairer Food Network – where you can find out how to donate to your local larder, cut down on surplus food and watch the canny cooker demo;
  • Cunninghame Furniture Recycling Company – where you can find out how to prevent your household furniture items from going straight to landfill.

*Warp It is an online furniture redistribution portal that the Council is utilising to prevent office furniture or surplus office supplies from going unnecessarily to landfill and instead into other workplaces in need – read the recent Staff Talk article to find out more about how staff are benefitting already, while doing their part to be more eco-conscious.

To find out more, about Warp It visit the ‘Reuse office equipment (Warp It) webpage’ on Connects.

Please note: Equipment procured through IT should be disposed of using the IT device disposal process.

So please save the date now and pop the event in your calendar as a reminder – you can drop in either by yourself on your lunch break or come along with your team to learn more about how we can all do our part to tackle climate change and help the Council to achieve net zero emissions by 2030.

Everyone is welcome, we look forward to seeing you there on the day.

If you need further information on bins, litter and recycling, visit the webpage: Bins, litter and recycling ( 

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