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Festive season employee conduct re-cap from HR

Code of Conduct – staff are reminded to take the time to read fully the seasonal updates from HR

Gifts and Hospitality

To comply with the Employee Code of Conduct, all employees must ensure they declare any gifts and hospitality  given or received in connection with their official duties. Permission should be sought from the Head of Service to accept any gift of value, and a record of this recorded in the gifts and hospitality register which is held by the PA to the Executive Director of each Directorate.

Remember, employees should not accept any gift or hospitality of value from any person or organisation that is doing or seeking to do business with the Council.  A gift of value, however, would not include such items as calendars, diaries, other small articles for office use, or an inexpensive gift from a pupil, parent or client.

Any employee offered a gift of value/hospitality or giving a gift/hospitality even at this festive time has to inform their Head of Service; or, in the case of a Chief Officer, the Chief Executive. The employee can only accept or give the gift if permitted to do so.  If you are unsure whether the gift is a ‘gift of value’ please contact

Surviving the Office Christmas Party!

As you head out to your Christmas night out, remember we’re all governed by our Code of Conduct and Dignity and Respect at Work procedures – why not take a quick look to remind yourself of the guidelines and standards on the kinds of behaviour which are acceptable and not acceptable.

Flexible Hours Working Scheme (Flexi)

The Council recognises the importance of work life balance and providing employees with an opportunity to manage their time at work in a flexible manner.  If the Flexible Working Hours scheme is applicable to your role,  please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Flexible Working Hours Scheme on Connects.

Particular attention is drawn to the bandwidth of the scheme (i.e. 7.30am – 7.00pm), ensuring appropriate clockings are made at the start and end of the day as well as any breaks taken during the day.  Managers are also reminded of their responsibilities with regard to monitoring the usage of the scheme for those within their area of the organisation.

Santa with tablet and snow backdrop Employee Perks

Adverse Weather Policy

As we approach the winter months please take time to read our  Adverse weather policy and procedure to ensure you are familiar with what’s included.

  • Where Police Scotland are advising the public not to travel, employees should discuss alternative options to travelling with their line manager, such as: working from home or another Local Council location. If the above isn’t possible, supports will be explored with the Community Planning Partners.
  • Where none of the above options are viable, the Council will provide time off with pay due to the exceptional circumstances of the red weather warning. For employees who are ‘In Building’ or ‘Mobile’ workstyles, we hope this provides peace of mind should we have a Red Weather warning.

The health and well-being of all of our employees is of utmost importance, and the Adverse Weather Policy aims to support employees to attend the workplace, whilst ensuring their health and safety and maintain critical services.  Further information on the above, can be found on our Adverse Weather page on Connects; Adverse weather policy and procedure.

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