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Fighting against Fraud

The National Fraud Initiative (NFI) is a counter-fraud data matching exercise which is carried out across the UK public sector every 2 years. The NFI shares and matches various sets of data held by public bodies to prevent and detect fraud, and helps confirm that services and payments are legitimate, accurate and are provided to the correct people.

The Cabinet Office oversees the NFI and Audit Scotland leads the exercise in Scotland. The exercise operates across the UK public sector and includes local authorities, NHS bodies, colleges, police and fire authorities and larger central government bodies, for example, the Scottish Government, Revenue Scotland and Transport Scotland.

North Ayrshire Council participates in the NFI and is required to share data relating to employees, services users, customers and suppliers for this purpose. We are in the early stages of the 2022/23 exercise and this data will be extracted from relevant systems and shared with the Cabinet Office in the coming weeks.

If you have any queries about the Council’s participation in the NFI please contact Karen Gray in the Corporate Fraud Team at:

If you would like more information on the National Fraud Initiative and how your data may be used, please see the Council’s Fair Processing Notice on the Council Website:

Results and outcomes from the previous NFI exercise can be found at:

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