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Working at home and away

IT have created a useful video guide on how to use the Council’s new Hybrid Meeting room technology…

Working together when everyone is in the office is straightforward and over the last 2 years, we’ve figured out how to collaborate when everyone is at home.

However, moving to a new approach of hybrid working, when some people are physically together in the office and others are working at home, will bring its challenges.

The Council has invested in leading technology to ensure we all continue to collaborate wherever we are working.

Where to find the new equipment

The Council has invested in leading technology to ensure everyone continues to be able to fully collaborate wherever they are working. New hybrid meeting room equipment will be installed in the following locations:

  • Bridgegate House
  • Cunninghame House – In all standard meeting rooms on all floors and the Committee Rooms
  • Portland Place – John McBlain Room
  • Saltcoats Town Hall – Betsy Millar Room
  • Transport Garage

What does the equipment consist of?

The new hybrid equipment consists of a Microsoft Teams device, the controller that will be placed on the table in each room, and a camera installed above the monitor (the video bar).

The equipment allow teams meetings to be hosted in a way that everyone can collaborate no matter where you are working. This short presentation will provide more information on the equipment and how to set up a hybrid meeting.

How to start a call in a hybrid meeting room

IT have created the video (right) to show how to start a call in a hybrid meeting room.​​​​​​​ The team has also created a series of posters with easy to follow instructions which will be displayed in each room. Click the link here to view these on Connects.

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