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Join the CarClub staff travel scheme

Enterprise CarClub is a free-to-use staff travel scheme. The club includes a number of environmentally-friendly vehicles which are available for members to book out for business travel through our exclusive and easy-to-use online CarClub platform.

North Ayrshire Council are working in conjunction with Enterprise CarClub to continue to provide the shared staff travel scheme, which forms part of the Council’s Travel Hierarchy and gives an alternative to meet business travel needs.

Our new CarClub scheme will be launched with 11 new low-emission petrol vehicles provided by Enterprise, and 4 new 100%- Electric Vehicles provided by NAC.  This means our CarClub will be a mix of both automatic and manual transmissions and will be spread across various geographical locations in North Ayrshire.  There will be ongoing reviews of usage, which may see vehicle numbers and/or locations change accordingly.

All vehicles are low or zero-emission, in order to help reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable environment.  All vehicles are complete with their own fuel card, or ChargePlace Scotland charging card, in order to fuel up or charge on the go.  Vehicles are accessed remotely using a card, or via a mobile app, and we have a 24/7 helpline on our corporate account via Enterprise CarClub – Clubhouse: 0345 266 9290.

CarClub benefits include:
  • Save wear and tear on your own car
  • Make a difference to North Ayrshire’s Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce the stress of bringing your own car to work and having to find a parking spot
  • Help us to make savings on mileage expenses
  • Free to join
  • Need a valid driver’s license
  • Access to the internet/mobile app
  • A valid email address
How does it work?
  1. Read over our CarClub member user guide first of all –  Enterprise CarClub – Member User Guide.docx
  2. Become a member by signing up here –  Enrollment (
  3. Login to and reserve a vehicle for the time you require. You may do this via website or on mobile app (see member user guide for help on setting this up).
  4. Use your assigned card, or your mobile app, to access the vehicle you have booked.
  5. Take the car keys from the glove box and off you go.  Keep the keys with you during your reservation, treating this like a normal car.
  6. Return the car to its dedicated site.
  7. Replace the keys in the glove box.
  8. Use your membership smart card, or mobile app to lock the doors and your rental has ended.
  • The Council meets hire costs and allocates these to user departments
  • Each car has a Council fuel card
Data protection and your information:

When registering, you only need to provide details to verify that you are an employee, your:

  • Full name
  • Work or location address
  • Work phone number
  • Work email address

If you have any questions or would like to find out more information, please contact Fleet Compliance Team at

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