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Do you have a disability or long-term condition? Or are you interested in how the workplace can best support people with disabilities and long-term conditions? Then you might be interested in joining the Employee Disability Forum.

This Forum is open to and made up of employees from across the Council who have either a disability or an interest in supporting disability related issues. The main focus of the group is to explore Council-related work issues that have an impact, or the potential to impact, on employees with a disability or long-term health condition.

The group is supported by officers from various services including Human Resources, PMI, Economic Development (Supported Employment Team), Sensory Impairment Team and the Unions.

Some of the issues the group have had an input in include IT Software issues for people with a visual impairment, fire evacuation and disability guidance.

The group meet online approximately every six weeks. If you are interested in finding out more or joining the group please email Andrew Hale at

The HR Guide to Disability and the Workplace can be found here.

“Like everyone, we faced unprecedented circumstances, however, our teaching and support staff used their skills, knowledge and experience to act, react and respond to the situation we found ourselves in.

– Caroline Amos, Head of Education

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