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Keeping the Promise Column June

Did you know that if you work for the local authority, Health, Police, Ayrshire College, Fire and Rescue and many more, you are a Corporate Parent to all children and young people that are care experienced in North Ayrshire?

Jenny Lewis recently joined the Corporate Parenting team as their Engagement and Participation lead, and each month she will be hosting monthly drop-in sessions and sharing updates via the new #KeepThePromise Column here on Staff News.

Read the latest update from the Corporate Parenting team and learn about what we can do below to ensure we are collectively fulfilling our statutory duties as Corporate Parents in North Ayrshire.

Welcome to The Promise (June) Staff Column | Written by Jenny Lewis CP Lead

Our Staff Column is relevant to all North Ayrshire Council employees as each one of you is a Corporate Parent with a responsibility for ensuring the best possible care and safeguarding for our Care Experienced children and young people.

The Corporate Parenting team are here to support you, your Team and the Council to #KeepThePromise.

Monthly drop-ins ongoing

We would like to share a huge thank you to staff who attended our latest drop-ins at both Stevenson Library at Brodick Hall on Arran. Colleagues enjoyed hearing about the Promise’s status and local opportunities. We engaged in impactful conversations over a hot drink and biscuit.

The next drop-in is on Thursday June, 27 at Kilbirnie Library 4pm – 5pm and then Wednesday, July 24 at Ardeer Community Centre from 10.30am until 11.30am.

We encourage all Council employees to attend at least one drop-in throughout the year. Read more in the Latest News article.

Promise meetings continue across Services

Promise Champions staff network meetings for June are well under way. We have already enjoyed welcoming Communities and Education staff on Thursday, June 6 at Auchenharvie, where the focus was on how we can reduce stigma for the Care Experienced community.

A meeting for Health and Social Care staff takes place on Wednesday, June 19 and for Finance, Housing and Employability staff on Tuesday, June 25 (calendar invites will be sent directly to attendees). If you don’t yet have a Promise Champion representing your Team, contact: for more information and to elect somebody.

Lights, Camera, Action!

We’re excited to continue to team up with colleagues on a small video project promoting our Care Experienced young people’s Language Charter and Anti-Discrimination and Stigma Policy. If you are a Care Experienced colleague and would like to be involved in this, please contact

Look out for the new Promise Plan 24-30 updated logo
Look out for the new Promise Plan 24-30 updated logo
Launch of new Promise Plan 24-30

The Promise Plan 24 – 30 will launch as a dedicated website on Thursday June, 20. It will be a dynamic plan of action to lay out the changes needed to reach 2030 with The Promise being kept. The new Plan 24-30 logo will launch then too. Stay tuned for future updates on the new plan.

An overview of the new Plan:

  • The new plan will continue to consult with and listening to the Care Community;
  • It is Scotland’s route map to keeping The Promise by 2030;
  • Once published online on June, 20, it will reflect upon how far Scotland has come and how far there is still to go;
  • It will detail calls to actions from the Independent Care Review;
  • Actions will be organised and grouped under the five foundations of the promise: voice, family, care, people, scaffolding;
  • It will detail WHO needs to do WHAT, by WHEN to make sure The Promise made in February 2020 is kept in full by 2030;
  • The Plan belongs to Scotland and will support everyone working towards keeping The Promise;
  • Organisations will be encouraged to share what’s working and evidence their own actions taken;
  • It will reflect the need for a single focus that makes sure everyone pulls in the same direction over the years to come;
  • The Plan will be constantly updated, keeping everyone on track.
Meaningful Quote about Innovators Mindset
Corporate Parenting team monthly column graphic with photo of contributor Jenny Lewis
How you can play your part…

Staff are encouraged to nominate their own Promise Champion. Becoming one is a good opportunity for you to spotlight the great work happening in your Service.

The team are also seeking best practice examples of what each team/Service/establishment are doing to #KeepThePromise. Email Jenny: to get involved.

Share case studies ahead of Care Experienced Week

Care Experienced Week takes place at the end of October every year. It is a week to celebrate the Care Experienced community.

The first Care Experienced Week was held in October 2018. It was launched and initially celebrated by Who Cares? Scotland and is now celebrated globally.

Care Experienced Week will take place between 21st-27th October this year. To demonstrate our commitment to our Care Experienced children & young people, we are asking all Corporate Parents across North Ayrshire to complete a Case Study highlighting an example where you and/or your Team have supported Care Experienced children or young people to achieve a positive outcome.

Case studies should be submitted no later than Wednesday, July 31 – please share your positive case study online here. 

Final thoughts…

I am looking forward to sharing frequent updates with you about what is happening in our Council and best practice examples via this Staff Column, Promise Champions staff network, drop-ins and Staff Briefings.

You can consult our Corporate Parenting 2023 – 2026 plan on the North Ayrshire Council website to learn more about our priorities.

If you have any questions or need support, please drop me an email at: Let’s work together to #KeepThePromiseNA

Thank you for reading,

Jennifer Lewis, Corporate Parenting Engagement & Participation Lead
A powerful quote to consider when thinking about our actions to #KeepThePromiseNA

“If we want meaningful change, we have to make a connection to the heart before we can make a connection to the mind. Spending time to develop relationships and building trust is crucial to moving forward as a whole.

“Without culture, there is no culture of innovation. It all starts by creating an environment where people feel cared for, supported and are nurtured.”

The Innovator’s Mindset, by George Curos

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