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Knowledge Nugget #7: Sharing your screen in Microsoft Teams

Sharing your screen in Microsoft Teams is the seventh instalment in the Office 365 team’s bitesize guidance series – Knowledge Nuggets.

Gone are the days of emailing documents, images or links to websites to be used during meetings. With Microsoft Teams, you now have the ability to share your screen in real-time, keeping all meeting participants on the same page, literally!

The screen sharing feature can have many benefits including –

Efficiency – no need to hunt down documents that are required for discussion at the meeting

Deepens understanding – showing attendees how something works simultaneously, in real-time, is a lot more effective to convey a thought or idea. It enhances communication, provides clear visuals and allows for a step-by-step demonstration

Keeping attendees focused – by maintaining high levels of control, your meetings can become quicker and more efficient. Keeping participants engaged in what’s happening on their screen will provide less room for digressing from the conversation

Supports remote working – When we’re complying with social distancing measures, meeting with colleagues to review documentation has become much more difficult, using the screen share option allows for participants to collaborate more effectively from any location

Find out how to get started with the screen sharing feature by following the steps within the #7 Sharing your screen in Microsoft Teams (video tutorial) or read step by step instructions here.

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