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Knowledge Nugget #8: Changing your background settings during Microsoft Teams calls

Changing your background settings during Microsoft Teams calls is the eighth instalment in the Office 365 team’s bitesize guidance series – Knowledge Nuggets.

Please note: this feature is not available for those using Microsoft Teams via an internet browser.

As we all now settle into remote working, Microsoft Teams has become the go-to platform to participate in video conferences / meetings.

Turning on your camera during a meeting holds participants more accountable for engaging during discussions, can reduce the feeling of isolation and can make meetings feel less formal providing a much more relaxed environment. However, people may be reluctant to join a video call or switch their camera on if their environment is distracting or messy.

With multiple background options to choose form, you can now blur your background – subtly concealing everything behind you that you don’t want others to see or alternatively you can insert a background image from the Microsoft Teams gallery to restrict what others see and add a little fun to your meeting!

Find out how to change your Microsoft Teams background during a call by following the steps within the #8 Changing your background settings during Microsoft Teams calls (video tutorial) or read step by step instructions here.

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