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Launch of new design framework

The new ‘Graphic Design and Digital Media Services Framework’ launched on 1 February 2023.

The Framework provides easy access to approved suppliers for all the Council’s graphic design and video needs.

It’s reviewed regularly to ensure that we are receiving best value and to keep Council communications fresh and interesting.  Working with approved suppliers also ensures that any work has a strong corporate identity, meets Council brand style and guidelines.

The framework agreement is in place for two years until 31 January 2025 with the option to extend by up to 12 months until 31 January 2026.

This framework agreement contains two lots:

Lot 1: Graphic Design (branding, material – online and print, animation and illustration

Lot 2: Film Making and Virtual Tours

The suppliers below have been awarded to each lot and previous suppliers will now be deactivated on Integra to ensure all future spend is within the terms of the contract.

Lot 1: Graphic Design Lot 2: Film Making and Virtual Tours
Bruce Macaulay t/a Comharra Solutions Ltd
Advertisingworks Scotland Ltd Heehaw Limited
Bread and Butter Creative Limited Solutions on Demand Ltd
Civic Computing Limited
Paul Hartley T/A Ingenious Creative
Nicola Vallance T/A Rockpool Graphic Design
Solutions on Demand ltd
David McColm T/A Visualize This
We Do Fruition Limited
Whitewall Marketing Limited
“The framework makes it simple and straightforward to select a supplier for a particular job. For most work* you can direct award and select a supplier from the relevant Lot.”

Mhari Burley, Senior Communications Officer

Find full details of the new framework including supplier information on the Graphic Design & Digital Media Services Framework webpage on Connects.

Leading on the project, Mhari Burley, Senior Communications Officer has answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions below:

What factors are taken into account when selecting a supplier for work from the new framework?

“The framework makes it simple and straightforward to select a supplier for a particular job.

“For most work* you can direct award and select a supplier from the relevant Lot, the following factors can be considered:

  • Suitability of supplier’s available staff;
  • Supplier’s rates for available staff;
  • The location of available staff and where work is to be completed;
  • Suppliers’ available technical equipment and facilities;
  • The framework tender technical and commercial scores;
  • The urgency of the requirement;
  • Aggregate supplier performance information;
  • Previous performance of the supplier on previous job instructed by the council;
  • Previous work carried out by the supplier relating to the particular job.”

*If the job you are procuring is higher value (over £5,000) please discuss your projects with us, as procurement rules will apply.

What tips do you have before getting started?

Mhari concludes: “Before undertaking any design or digital media work please get in touch with the Communications Team mailbox:

“The team can then offer advice, direct you to the relevant lot within the framework, and assist with projects when required.

We can also potentially support your service/project with additional promotion such as press releases, social media posts and internal updates on News In Brief and Staff News if these are required, so get in touch and let’s collaborate on your next project or service update.”

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