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Long Covid training session coming soon

Optima Health (our occupational health provider) are hosting a learning event on Teams in September on Long Covid.

There is large proportion of people who continue to experience a multitude of symptoms after they have contracted Covid-19.

They may have searched for an answer but was confronted with “you have Long Covid” with no real explanation and no advice and guidance as to how to recover from these symptoms ranging from extreme tiredness to brain fog.

The Teams session on Friday 8 September (11am-Noon) will explore:

  • What Long Covid is
  • What are the common symptoms
  • What not to do
  • What you can do to recover from those symptoms based on 100’s of cases we have successfully treated.

If you wish to attend this session, book your place on the Learning & Development Event Booking site. This session is open to managers and employees to attend.

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