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Mail – Christmas Holiday period update

Please note that the last incoming and outgoing mail service will be on Friday 24 December 2021 and will resume on Wednesday 5 January 2022.

Whistl and Royal Mail uplifts for outgoing mail will still be on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Friday 24 December 2021 the outgoing mail will be collected around 11.00am therefore if possible please arrange for your outgoing mail to be delivered to the Mail Room, Cunninghame House, correctly presented, the day before (Thursday 23 December 2021) failing which by 10.30am on Friday 24 December 2021.

REMINDER of Incoming and Outgoing Mail Procedures

Please familiarise yourself with the Outgoing Mail Guide and Outgoing Mail Chitty process while still working remotely and within restrictions relative to Covid-19. Should you have any queries with regards to this, contact Fiona Goldie, Senior Customer Support Administrator:

There is now an allocated a table in the mail room for outgoing Cunninghame House mail which is opposite the franking machine and clearly marked. Bridgegate House outgoing mail remains the grey box in front of you as you enter the mail room.

Please note that all outgoing mail should be enveloped, banded and have a chitty attached as detailed below then left on the allocated table/ box accordingly.

No outgoing mail should be left on any other surfaces such as window sills or counters or the Incoming Mail Table.

Remember that Business Support needs to be notified, in advance, should you have a number of letters going out:-

  • Recorded Deliveries: any more than 10 – more than one department can be sending out a number of letters so the Mail Room team need to make sure there is enough funds in the franking machine;
  • Whistl: any more than 100 – so the team can ensure that there is enough boxes and room on the van.

Mail Room Social Distancing

The Mail Room is a working office please note that two members of staff plus one person (with face mask) dropping off/collecting mail is allowed at one time, please wait outside until it is safe for you to go into the mail room.

Mail Room Current Procedure

  • Incoming Mail – The incoming will be sorted into department dookets on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Outgoing Mail – The outgoing mail is being uplifted by Whistl and Royal Mail on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the moment, and where possible, can you please deliver your outgoing mail to the Mail Room on these days between 10.00 and 13.30 as mail starts piling up, also the team are not responsible for your unattended mail as the Mail Room is not secure and open to people to go in and out to collect mail.
  • Mail should go out Whistl and only Recorded Deliveries should be going out Royal Mail, Whistl require post codes on all mail.
  • Your mail should be presented the correct way up, sorted into types, counted by type and banded with a chitty specifying the total of each type of mail and your Department for recharging purposes and all recorded deliveries must be with a filled in Recorded Delivery book.

Bridgegate House Outgoing Mail

Any outgoing mail brought down from Bridgegate House to Cunninghame House should be placed in the grey box as you come into the Mail Room in order that it does not get mixed up with Cunninghame House mail.

Again, mail should be sorted into types, counted by type and banded with a chitty specifying the total of each type of mail and your Department for recharging purposes and all recorded deliveries must be with a filled in Recorded Delivery book.

Process for Incorrect Mail

Please also note that any mail that is not counted will either be sent out All Sort or returned to department, depending on the quantity of letters.

Any mail without a Department will not be sent out until the Department can be located, and Recorded Delivery letters that have been presented without a Recorded Delivery Book or the book not filled in, will be returned to the Department, this may result in a delay of important documents being sent out.  It is not the Mail Room’s responsibility to envelope letters or complete Recorded Delivery Books, this is each Services’ responsibility.

If incoming mail addressed to you or your Service is not for you, please redirect, do not leave on any surfaces such as window sills or counters as this can lead to important mail being missed or undelivered.

You will be advised should there be any changes to the incoming and outgoing mail procedure.

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