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Making solid infrastructure our priority

When we launched our Council Plan in 2019, we wanted to make it as relatable as possible.

So we decided to run spotlight campaigns on each of our priorities – to bring our achievements and strategies to life.

You will have seen these on social media with our latest to ‘ensure that North Ayrshire is well-connected with effective infrastructure’ on our channels during November.

A great deal of work has been carried out to meet this priority. Focussing on a range of projects, strategies and highlights, our social media channels highlighted a series of videos, graphics, interviews and press releases to show exactly what is being done to make North Ayrshire well connected with effective infrastructure.

See some of the highlights we showcased below…

Largs Seawall Development

Did you know that the Council’s Roads team works on various infrastructure projects across North Ayrshire? As well as roads, the team manages assets including bridges, lighting and flood prevention structures.

One development highlighted in the recent campaign is the replacement of Largs Seawall – which was first built in the 1970s.

The proposed updated £2.5million structure runs from the northern seaward section of the promenade at Largs Bay between Aubrey Crescent and the RNLI slipway and will provide steps for access.

Look out for more information on the Largs Seawall development – and other roads assets – on social media, coming next year…

Unlimited possibilities with new wheelers

Earlier this year, wheelers were introduced at Eglinton Country Park and Ardrossan South Beach so that people with limited mobility can easily access green and open spaces in North Ayrshire.

You can find out more about the wheelers and booking them at both locations by checking out the Eglinton Country Park Wheelers video and the Ardrossan video featured (right)  >>>

The Council worked in partnership with Garnock Connections and Ardrossan Community Development Trust to deliver this infrastructure as part of the All Ability Wheelers project.

Protecting our diverse landscapes

The diverse landscapes of North Ayrshire call for different infrastructure solutions. In the Garnock Valley and on the Isle of Cumbrae, the development of major flood protection schemes is underway.

The closest to completion is on the River Garnock. This spans four locations: a dam at Greenridge and Langlands farms (pictured), north of Kilbirnie; a flood defence embankment at Paddockholm Industrial Estate, Kilbirnie; a flood defence wall at Powgree Burn, Glengarnock and a flood defence wall and railway embankment stabilisation at Mill Park, Dalry.

For details on these schemes and more info on flood protection in North Ayrshire, visit the flood protection section of the Council website.

The campaign was shared from our corporate social media channels primarily – Twitter (@North_Ayrshire) Facebook (@NorthAyrshireOfficial), LinkedIn (North Ayrshire Council) and YouTube (North Ayrshire Council)

If you wanted to check out the recent campaign, go to our channels and search for #ConnectedNorthAyrshire

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