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Meet the Council’s Biodiversity Officer

The Council’s Biodiversity Officer Neal Lochrie explains the importance of biodiversity and the North Ayrshire Nature Network  🦆🌊🌳

According to NatureScot – Scotland’s biodiversity includes an estimated 90,000 animal, plant and microbe species, but every year since 1946, we’ve lost wildlife and in turn our natural heritage. We must take action now to avoid further irreplaceable nature loss.

Put simply, biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth. It is needed locally and globally for us all to survive and is also essential for sustaining the ecosystems that provide us with fuel, wealth, health, food and other vital services. The Scottish Government’s aim is to be recognised as a world leader in biodiversity conservation, but for this to happen, everyone needs to be involved and understand the benefits.

Based in Cunninghame House, Neal is an integral part of the Council’s Energy and Sustainability team. Working all over North Ayrshire, he is passionate about restoring Scotland’s natural heritage.

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To find out more about biodiversity and how you can play your part, read Neal’s interview on Staff Talk herethis includes tips on how you can take practical action at home and locally to improve biodiversity.

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