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Municipalisation – what it means for North Ayrshire

You may be aware of the concept of ‘Municipalisation’. You may even be delivering a Municipalisation service and may not be aware of it.

That’s because it’s the approach that matters and we are currently developing and implementing services that could ultimately transform how we do things here at the Council.

But what exactly does it mean? We’re here to cut through the preconceptions and jargon and set out what Municipalisation is once and for all.

Municipalisation is simple

Municipalisation is bit of a mouthful, but it is a simple concept really. Essentially, it is about safeguarding, enhancing and delivering services in a different way. New ways of delivery will improve both quality and choice of services and provide greater opportunities for staff through upskilling. Income generated from Municipalisation is reinvested to improve services and benefit residents and the community.

Municipalisation in action

This new type of municipalisation is different from the past because it’s about the Council using its strengths, influences, assets and connections by working with and for businesses, organisations and communities.

For us, Municipalisation is about developing new services or improving current ones to generate benefits including income which we can reinvest back to where it’s most needed without displacing local businesses and organisations.

Municipalisation progress

Significant progress has been made in Municipalisation activity over the last few years with live projects across a wide range of activities:

Commercial Waste and Recycling – Support for local businesses to assess business needs and requirements and provide a collection and disposal service to meet legal obligations, minimise resource use and achieve greater resource efficiency.

Catering – Comprehensive provision to schools, nurseries, residential units, day care facilities, community meals and lunch clubs has provided a strong foundation to develop commercial catering activities in leisure centre cafes and weddings.

Cleaning – Services have developed significantly to include commercial offices, sheltered housing void houses.

Property Factoring – Professional property services for around 2,000 properties including inspections and the management of repairs and maintenance.

Advertising and Sponsorship – Promotional opportunities for local businesses through the provision of low cost advertising space to create brand awareness, maintain a high profile and increase the number of customers.

Renewable Community Energy Generation – Two solar farms at former landfill sites are already being developed. A further major project is planned in Irvine in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde.

Harbour Arts Centre – Cultural hub for North Ayrshire offering a diverse programme of theatre, comedy, music, visual arts and a wide range of classes and workshops.

Arran Outdoor Education Centre – Combines outdoor activities and conference facilities. Overnight accommodation and meals are also available without activities.

And there are over 70 more ideas and proposals in the pipeline.

How can you get involved?

There is a range of support and resources available to Managers, Staff, Teams and Service Areas to help you develop and implement a Municipalisation service. This support can be accessed from developing ideas, planning and approval through to implementation and evaluation. Support can be tailored to meet your needs.

Thomas Reaney, Head of Commercial Services, said: “We believe that Municipalisation presents us with a huge opportunity to develop sustainable services which not only have a positive impact on our communities and local economy, but also safeguard jobs.

“This will only be achieved though engaging with our staff and communities. We need everyone to get involved – whether that’s by coming forward with ideas or helping your service to develop and deliver projects. We all have a role to play in ensuring a successful future.”

If you would like more information on Municipalisation or wish to discuss how you can get involved, contact John Godwin, Business Development Manager, by email: or phone 01294 322993.
We believe that Municipalisation presents us with a huge opportunity to develop sustainable services which not only have a positive impact on our communities and local economy, but also safeguard jobs.

Thomas Reaney – Head of Commercial Services

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