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New Drugs Service pilot

Scotland has seen a year on year increase in drug-related deaths, with recent data confirming that people found alone accounted for 44 percent of deaths.

Charity ‘We are With You’ has launched ‘Never Use Alone’, a new phone line backed and funded by the Scottish Government to help mitigate the risks of using drugs alone.

North Ayrshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership, as part of its priority commitment to prevent drug related deaths, has volunteered to be a part of this innovative pilot in order to support individuals in North Ayrshire. The service will initially be available throughout Ayrshire and Glasgow before being rolled out across Scotland.

This is an exciting and important opportunity to provide support and add another layer of protection and intervention to save lives within our local communities.

The phone line has been developed in consultation with the Scottish Ambulance Service and relevant local authorities. It aims to help anyone who wants to stay safer when using drugs alone by allowing staff of the phone line to intervene and alert emergency services should the caller become unresponsive, as well as providing information to emergency workers on what substances have been used.

‘Never Use Alone’ can be contacted on freephone 0808 801 0690.

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