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Nordic Walking Instructor Training

Fancy learning a new skill for 2023?

If you are looking to learn a new skill, while enhancing your own wellbeing at the same time, then Nordic Walking could be the perfect new hobby for you!

Sociable, rewarding, while getting your blood pumping and keeping your bones strong, there are many benefits of Nordic Walking.

Jess from our Active Travel team at the Trinity Centre in Irvine has commissioned Nordic Walking Instructor training for Feb 2023.

You don’t need any experience to take part and the training takes place over 3 days. There is no direct cost to participate, and the team only ask that you lead some Nordic walks (at a future time/date suited to yourself) on behalf of the Trinity.

If you haven’t already participated in Nordic Walking before but would like the chance to come along and try beforehand, get in touch directly by emailing:

For those that haven’t come across Nordic walking before, it is a popular activity that engages the whole body, harnessing the upper body, as well as the legs to turn walking into a workout!

Nordic walking has increased in popularity over the years and the number of instructors in the UK has grown. When used correctly, the poles that you use for Nordic walking help to propel you forward which means that it is more of a cardio workout than walking alone, this in turn engages more muscles, including the core. Nordic Walking can also be adapted to be more inclusive and is suitable for all levels of fitness.

To find out more and to reserve a place, please email Jessica Tang at the email address above.

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