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Official relaunch of DigiGurus

Our Digi Guru Initiative prior to COVID proved inspirational, all our registered Digi Gurus were active in helping their colleagues innovate and grow using our technology the best way possible to ensure our day-to-day service delivery.

Since COVID many things have changed, we work from home more and our digital knowledge is better. We have all learned new ways of working, resulting in increased digital thinking by learning new skills.

It is now time to harness that knowledge and spread it throughout the council; IT Services are relaunching our Digi Guru Initiative to help our services with existing and new technology.

IT Services are introducing a brand-new platform the Champions App through Teams and planning monthly hybrid and face to face events on various topics. The team think our existing Digi Guru’s will enjoy these, attendees will also have options to request more sessions on topics of their choice and if you need more information you can connect with the team via the Digi Guru webpage on Connects.

Digi Guru events were recently initiated via a ‘Hybrid Meeting Room’ learning week.

Throughout the week of 12 June, staff attended the drop-in learning sessions to learn more about the hybrid meeting room equipment and how to get best use from this.

Fiona Walker, Head of People and ICT said: “Lots more people are in the office now and the hybrid meeting room equipment is excellent for ensuring our meetings continue to reach both our staff in the office and at home. Thank you to our Digi Guru’s who have taken the time to learn all about the equipment so they can pass their knowledge on to others.

If you are curious, motivated, and passionate about helping your colleagues then sign up to become a Digi Guru, then please visit the Digi Guru Connects page and click the become a Digi Guru button now. Watch the video below to learn more about the Digi Guru initiative.

What is a DigiGuru?

The Digi Guru Initiative is a programme of training and learning to help up-skill North Ayrshire Council employees in a digitally changing environment.

It will help to prepare both staff and our customers for digital change by giving them confidence to use digital technologies to enhance their lives. The Digi Guru co-ordinators have been working on delivering, exciting new digital projects that the Digi Guru’s can get involved in.

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