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Opt Out Agreement process

Do you ever work more than 48 hours per week? 

As an employer we cannot require our employees to work longer than an average of 48 hours per week.  All of our standard contracts are for 38 hours or less.  However, when employees agree to work additional hours/overtime, or secure an additional post with the Council this may take them over the 48-hour average. Employees can choose to work more than 48 hours but they must sign an “opt out agreement”.

A recent Internal Audit sample found that not all employees had the opt out form on file, when it should have been.

Employees and Managers can check the status of this on HR21.  Details of how to do this are within section 8.9 of the HR21 User Guide.  It is the Line Manager’s responsibility to ensure opt out forms are completed, where required. Failure to do this is a breach of the Working Time Regulations.

Please note there are some posts which cannot opt out.  It is also important to ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees with appropriate rest breaks and time off.  Further information is available in the HR Guide:  Working Time Regulations, or from the HR Team:

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