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Orienteering returns to Eglinton Park

We are delighted to announce that Orienteering has come back to Eglinton Country Park! In  collaboration between Ayrshire Orienteering Club and North Ayrshire Council’s Ranger Service, the previous three permanent courses have been completely revamped and brought up to date.

There are three courses in total: a short, medium and long course and can be enjoyed as part of a fast-paced time-trial, map-reading practice or treasure hunt, or even just a wander round the Park with a little twist!

You can download the maps for free from a QR code on the Start Post (beside the big stone map and notice board at the Main Entrance).

Alternatively you can download the maps by visiting and following the instructions there. The link will take you to the Go Orienteering website which will take you through a short, shop-like format questionnaire (please note no payment details are required, and all maps and how-to guides are free- email address is required as maps and guidance is provided via email).

Interested to find out more about the sport of Orienteering? Head over to for more information!

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