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Our Employee Journey – Stage Four

The fourth and final stage of the employee journey is when an employee moves onto pastures new.

Every organisation has a turnover of staff, this is a healthy aspect of working life. However, as each individual leaves there are two aspects that should be fulfilled.

Employee Leaving Checklist for managers

We have a duty to protect the Council in relation to security and assets. Access to systems need to be removed and Council property needs to be handed back. The Employee Leaving Checklist is a helpful tool for managers that puts all the keys tasks that need to be done in one place.

Goodbye and Good Luck survey

Our new Goodbye and Good Luck survey will be sent out to all employees who resign. The purpose of this short survey is to try and understand why people leave our organisation. This will allow us to reflect on the overall employee experience and consider any improvements that can be made.

Learn more about all of the steps, information and experiences that employees will have on their journey within our Council over on Our Employee Journey SharePoint page.

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