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Our roads team are at the ready

A picture showing a fleet on gritters in front of a grit storage shed

Our roads team have busy during this recent cold spell and are well prepared for the weeks and months ahead.

The team are now on weather watch for any snow and ice forecast from now until April 2024.

A squad of 35 drivers and 15 multi-purpose vehicles will be available 24/7 to keep the area’s priority routes in use throughout winter.

While the Council’s plans are in place, there are also a few simple measures can help make life much easier for motorists as we await the worst of the winter weather.

  • ensure your vehicle is well prepared – have it fully serviced. Get your battery checked before winter starts and carry out your own regular checks on the brakes, tyres, lights and make sure fluids are kept topped up
  • plan your journeys in advance – check local/national weather forecasts and make sure the condition of your route is safe to travel on – and sign up to Met Office warnings
  • Make sure all snow is cleared from your car before driving – don’t drive with snow on the vehicle roof or windows. Also, de-mist your car properly before setting off.
  • keep an emergency kit in your car at all times. In the event you are stranded due to a snow storm or flood, handy items include a mobile phone and charger, shovel, wellington boots, gloves, de-icing equipment, torch, blankets and tow rope.

For more details on staying safe on the roads this winter, visit the Council’s website 

The website also includes information on gritting, where to find your nearest grit bin and advice on clearing snow and ice from public footways.

More information and guidance is also available on the Ready Scotland website

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