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Parking enforcement complaints update

Staff will be aware of impending changes which will mean the Council will be responsible for enforcement action to deal with parking offences.

Staff responsible for logging and dealing with incoming complaints should note the below guidance from our Information Governance team, now that North Ayrshire’s new Parking Enforcement has come into effect.

Where members of the public make complaints to the Council about the new parking enforcement rules, there are a small number of instances when complaints should be accepted and are noted below:

  • Complaints about the alleged behaviour of a Parking Enforcement Officer;
  • Complaints relating to communication from the Parking Enforcement Team;
  • Complaints about Penalty Charge Notice processes/procedures not being followed correctly.

If complaints are received that meet the above criteria, below is a screenshot of how employees should log them in the complaint form:

Roads Screen Shot Complaints Process DPE

The following should not be logged as a complaint:

  • A member of the public believes a Penalty Change Notice has been issued incorrectly.  There is an appeal process for this which can be found on the Council’s website here.
  • No complaints should be logged that relate solely to the amount of the penalty;
  • No complaints should be logged against the Council’s Decriminalised Parking Enforcement policy;
  • No complaints should be logged against the Pavement Parking policy (as this is Scottish Government Policy).

Should you have any questions about the above, please contact Darren Miller ( Manager / Information Governance ) through Teams or via

More information about parking enforcement and how to ensure you do not fall foul of the rules can be found in the Staff Talk feature here.

A woman pushes a man in a wheelchair on to the roads to avoid a car parked on the pavement
Important Parking Enforcement Complaints Update

On March 28, we will start the rollout of our new parking powers across North Ayrshire. This means that our new team of Parking Enforcement Officers will monitor parking and may issue £100 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) to vehicles parked in contravention of the parking restrictions in operation. This will be reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days.

If you’re parked illegally – such as on double yellow lines or on the pavement – you could receive a PCN. As Council employees, we have an additional incentive not to fall foul of the new rules.

Examples of what would constitute illegal parking include:

  • Parking on a length of yellow line and loading activities were not observed.
  • Vehicle is parked at a length of yellow line with kerb markings when waiting is not allowed.
  • Purchased parking time had expired.
  • Parking without payment of the parking charge.
  • Parking in an electric vehicle charging place during restricted hours without charging.
  • Parking in a loading gap marked by a yellow line.
  • Parking in a suspended parking place.
  • The vehicle was re-parked in the same place within the no-return period.
  • The vehicle was parked in the wrong bay, such as an electric vehicle, motorcycle bay.
  • The vehicle was not parked correctly within the bay markings.
  • Parking in a loading bay, no loading observed.
  • Staying for longer than allowed in a parking place.
  • Vehicle was parked in a disabled parking place without displaying a valid disabled blue badge.
  • Parking in a parking place for emergency vehicles.
  • Parking in a bay for the use of funeral vehicles only.
  • Vehicle parked in a taxi rank.
  • Vehicle was parked in a bus stop.
  • Parking a vehicle on the pavement.
  • Parking a vehicle adjacent to dropped kerbs at a pedestrian crossing point.
  • Double parking a vehicle.
  • Parking a vehicle on the grass verge where a pavement is adjacent to it.
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