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Penalty Charge notices will be issued from today

From today (15 April) Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) will be issued to motorists who park their vehicles illegally.

The new rules apply across North Ayrshire and mean that anyone parked illegally and in contravention of local parking restrictions could face a £100 PCN.

Some examples of what constitutes illegal parking includes: parking on double yellow lines; in a disabled bay without a blue badge; on the pavement; parking in a bus stop or taxi rank; and double parking.

Remember, as Council employees, we have an additional incentive not to fall foul of the new rules.

Many of us will use council vehicles in the course of our work and it’s important we abide by the rules.

Thomas Reaney, Head of Neighbourhood Services, said: “We want all drivers and pedestrians to go about their business safely and quickly.

“Illegal parking can a real blight, particularly in our town centres, and we hope the introduction of Penalty Charge Notices can help encourage better and more responsible parking.

“As Council employees, we have to ensure we abide by the same rules as everyone else. For those driving vehicles carrying the Council logo, it is hugely important that they lead by example and not park in such a manner that would fall foul of rules.

Our advice would be always to park in a safe and legal manner and to take advantage of the many car parks we have across North Ayrshire. Even if it means walking a short distance further, it is not worth the risk of receiving a £100 fine.”

Read the Staff Talk article here for a detailed list of examples of what situations would constitute illegal parking. For more information visit the dedicated Council Parkin webpage:

Staff responsible for logging and dealing with incoming complaints should also note the guidance from our Information Governance team in the Latest News article here, now that North Ayrshire’s new Parking Enforcement has come into effect.

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