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Read the Winter edition of Staff Talk

The latest issue of the Council’s staff magazine, Staff Talk, is now available for you to read online here.

The Winter edition is packed full of news and useful information from our Service Areas, so why not grab a cuppa and take a few moments to get up to speed with what’s happening right across the Council…

There’s a host of noteworthy Council news in this edition, including the Chief Executive’s latest update where he provides information on the Council’s challenging financial outlook but also takes a look at the positives as he reflects on the successes over the past year.

We have some fantastic staff recognition stories such as a celebration of our Youth Services team and colleague Donna Anderson who recently won the Cyber Community Award at the Scottish Cyber Awards and there’s also an interview with Elaine Wright, the Council’s Fair for All Development officer who is driving the success of our community food larders.

Over at Trindlemoss, we share news of an exciting arts project that has recently been underway, we report on ‘Serenity’ – the new wellbeing centre at Irvine Central Hospital for NAHSCP staff, and we also hear from Rebecca Black from the Corporate Parenting team to learn more about her recent involvement in the Young Scotland Programme.

This Winter edition also has a look-back at some of our recent social media spotlight campaigns including our priority campaign showcasing how Council services and strategies are committed to ensuring North Ayrshire is ‘well connected for all with an effective infrastructure’. And, there’s an article on the success of the ongoing ‘You Just Haven’t Met Me Yet’ campaign, where the North Ayrshire Children for Families team are encouraging people to consider becoming short break foster carers.

Lastly, there’s news on two new support policies for staff as the Council signs up to the Pregnancy Loss Pledge and provides support in relation to Gambling Harms in the Workplace. We also reflect on the recent ‘16 Days of Action campaign’ where the Council alongside the North Ayrshire Violence Against Women Partnership took the White Ribbon pledge to stamp-out and raise awareness of the serious issues of gender based violence and domestic abuse.

Once again, we’ve shared some useful energy efficiency tips from the Energy and Sustainability team and finally, we have a Winter Wellbeing tips article to help you get through the darker, shorter days and there’s also a reminder of the discounted staff membership for KA Leisure to stay active in 2023.

Thank you once again to everyone who has contributed to the Winter edition of Staff Talk. If you wish to contribute to the next edition (landing early March) please get in touch via email at:

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