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Set up an online school payment account

With the summer holidays now over, parents/carers are being urged to sign up for the online ordering and payment system in schools across North Ayrshire.

iPayimpact is the payment method used in primary and secondary schools as a simple and secure way to pre-order school meals and pay for other school purchases.

Many parents/carers have already signed up for the iPayimpact system but some are still missing out on the advantages of the system.

For parents/carers of primary school pupils, it means food choices can be discussed with your child at home and meals can be ordered in advance, cutting down on lunchtime queues and food waste.

Secondary school pupils also need to have an iPayimpact account registered by their parent/carer but the pupils have access to an app (Fusion) where they can pre-order their own lunch as well as being able to pre-order at kiosks in schools.

Pre-ordering helps ensure pupils get the lunchtime meal they want quickly – less time queuing and more time making the most of their lunchbreak. The app is available for all pupils whether on free school meals or for those who pay.

Two simple steps for secondary school pre-order via the app:

  1. Parent/carer registers and sets up an iPayimpact account
  2. Parent/Carer requests an onboarding code – this is used by the pupil when downloading the app. The onboarding key is provided by your school office or by emailing
  3. Pupil is ready to pre-order via the app

The iPayimpact system is not only used for paying for school meals but will be used to pay for all school purchases such as trips, events, music tuition fees, hoodies and other items.

You can access this through a desktop PC, tablet, or a smart phone, enabling you to review payments, purchase history and current balance anytime, anywhere.

Depute Leader and Councillor Shaun Macaulay, Cabinet Member for Education & Young People, said: “The school holidays are almost over and our young pupils will soon be heading back to school.

“For those who haven’t yet signed up to iPayimpact, now is the ideal opportunity, just in time for the new term beginning next week.

“The system has many benefits, including making the lunch service quicker and reducing queuing time for pupils. It also ensures that children and young people get the menu items of their choice.

“This in turn has benefits behind the scenes as our Facilities Management staff are aware of the quantity of meals and specific food items required resulting in more efficient use of resources and most importantly reducing food waste.

“The process of signing up is very simple and ensures parents/carers can be in greater control of what their children get for school lunch, as well as making other school payments more efficient.”

Why sign up for an online school account?

With pupils from P1 to P5 now eligible for free school meals, along with those eligible for free school meals based on low income, it means more of our younger pupils have greater access to the nutritious meals being offered in our primary schools including environmentally sustainable, ethical food options, sourced by local suppliers.

This is an example of the Council’s Digital Strategy to invest in innovative, digital solutions for a better customer experience.

Pre-ordering via iPayimpact is available at primary schools – up to one week in advance. For secondary pupils, they can pre-order via the Fusion app, more info here:

To take advantage of the iPayimpact facility, please visit

Stay tuned to our social media channels next week where we’ll be sharing more examples of how the Council is utilising the latest technology to enhance and improve the Services that we deliver.

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