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Staff are urged to sign up for a MyNAC account

Over 14k residents now have a MyNAC online customer account, and now staff living in North Ayrshire are urged to sign up for one too!

The pandemic changed the way people accessed goods or services and more than 60 per cent of Council customers are now using digital as their channel of choice to access Council services.

Having a MyNAC account makes it even easier for residents to access the information and support they need online.

Offering everything all in one place, and keeping your information secure, the Digital Transformation and Customer Service teams behind MyNAC are really keen to have as many residents as possible in North Ayrshire signing up for one too.

It’s quick, simple and secure, offering real benefits to North Ayrshire residents and, since it’s launch in Summer 2023, we have had over 14,000 sign ups.

All part of the Council’s Digital Transformation Strategy, our new online customer account MyNAC, with improved functionality, uses the national MyAccount platform for signing in – making it easier for residents to go about their business with us.

If you live in North Ayrshire, you can set up your account now at:

Infographic about the new MyNAC account perks and customer journey

Once logged in to MyNAC, you’ll be able to a variety of online services where you can:

  • Request Council Services and make payments
  • Report issues and track progress
  • View and download your Council Tax bill
  • View your rent account
  • Request Council Tax discounts and exemptions
  • Apply for free school meals and school clothing grants

All in one place with more functions to come…

“We understand that we must continue to adapt to the changing needs of our residents, businesses, and our workforce, and the new MyNAC account is a game-changer for residents who prefer to interact with us online.

“However, we know that many residents prefer in-person or over-the-phone contact. These interactions are still very much available – we know that finding this balance is key.” Elaine Nixon, Senior Manager Customer Services

Elaine Nixon, Senior Manager Customer Service shares: “We understand that over the last few years, behaviours and expectations have changed. Since the pandemic for example, 60 per cent of our customers are now using digital as their channel of choice to access our services.

“The Council recognises that our digital services are key to supporting this change in behaviour and embed digital opportunities across our organisation. MyNAC is an example of this, and we are delighted that since its launch earlier this year we have had 14,000 people registering.

“As one of the area’s biggest employers, with more than 7,000 staff, we know that a large proportion of our workforce also lives in North Ayrshire. In fact, the latest research shows that 75% of our employees also live here in North Ayrshire.

“So, why not register for a MyNAC account one of yours too?

“Registering online is easy, it will take you a few minutes online, all you need is a current MyAccount – and, if you don’t have one already, there’s simple steps on how you can do that too (see our how to info box), for a far more streamlined online experience when doing business with us.”

Final thought: Another way that staff can help the Council to increase signups is by taking the opportunity to simply talk to customers and residents whenever possible..

You can remind customers of the MyNAC account when you are speaking to them on the phone or in-person, a simple “…before you go today, can I ask, do you ever go online to make payments with the Council or submit requests? If so, have you signed up yet for a MyNAC account? Because it’s a really great way to make your life easier when doing Council business on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC online…”

Then, all you would need to do next is simply direct them to the MyNAC account webpage – found at the top right of the Council’s main website: North Ayrshire Council ( and the step by step guide will do the rest…

Where and how do you create a MyNAC account?

It’s easy to find, at the top right of our homepage – – all you need is a personal email address to register, then you’re ready to go.

To create a MyNAC account you need to have a MyAccount. If you already have a MyAccount that you created to use with another local authority or to access another NAC service like National Entitlement Cards or iPayimpact, you can log in with that and then opt into the MyNAC account.

If you do not have a MyAccount, you can select the ‘Create an account’ option on the MyNAC sign in page. You can also create an account on the MyAccount Portal and get further assistance on the MyAccount Help Centre.

What details are needed to create a MyNAC (MyAccount) account?

When you create a MyAccount you are asked to provide your name, gender, date of birth, email address and home address. You can also optionally provide your phone number. These details are then passed to the Council once you consent to create your MyNAC account.  More info can be found on our Privacy Policy Statement.

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