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Stay active with January’s Alphabet Challenge

Throughout January, Travel Smart are looking for ways for you to get active inside or outside the house for a short period of time, so we have created the Alphabet Challenge.

Each day has a different letter, we are asking you to take a photograph of something you have seen whilst doing an activity outside and post it on the Travel Smart Teams Channel or email it to

For anyone that is unable to go outside, please also take part and do an activity indoors, tell us what your indoor activity along with your photo of something inside the house.

Be as creative as possible.

Prizes will be awarded for the following:

  • Most number of submissions from an individual throughout January (You can post as many photographs relating to a particular letter as you wish for each day, however this will be counted as 1 submission.)
  • The most imaginative submission.

6th:    Letter A

7th:    Letter B

8th:    Letter C

9th:    Letter D

10th:  Letter E

11th:  Letter F

12th:  Letter G

13th:  Letter H

14th:  Letter I

15th:  Letter J

16th:  Letter K

17th:  Letter L

18th:  Letter M

19th:  Letter N

20th:  Letter O

21st:  Letter P

22nd:  Letter Q

23rd:  Letter R

24th:  Letter S

25th:  Letter T

26th:  Letter U

27th:  Letter V

28th:  Letter W

29th:  Letter X

30th:  Letter Y

31st:  Letter Z

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