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Staying safe around water this summer

We are joining partners in urging people to act responsibly around open water this summer and reminding them of what to do if they or someone they are with finds themselves in danger.

The message comes as the warmer and brighter weather attracts more people to the stunning beaches, rivers and lochs across the region.

The Council, Coastguard and Fire & Rescue Service have joined forces to spread some simple advice on how to stay safe. This is:

  • Keep a safe distance from the water’s edge
  • Respect the water. Know the hazards and identify the risks
  • If you see anyone in difficulty, phone 999 and ask for: Coastguard at coastal locations and Fire & Rescue at inland waters.

Risk assessments have been carried out for each area of open water under our ownership and new signage and rescue equipment has been installed.

Both the signage and equipment will be inspected regularly as part of a schedule to ensure the message remains clear and the equipment in good, usable condition.

Thomas Reaney, Head of Commercial Services, said: “We know that lots of people like to enjoy open water at this time of the year – indeed our beautiful coastline is what attracts many visitors to North Ayrshire each year.  However, open water can present significant risks that may vary in response to environmental changes.

“It is therefore important that we allow people to continue enjoying these popular outdoor spaces but urge them to do so responsibly by ensuring they are aware of the dangers and know how to protect themselves and those around them.

“Our Streetscene team has assessed all areas of open water under our responsibility and installed new safety equipment and signage. We have also recently updated our Water Safety Policy and are working alongside our partners to ensure the water safety message is shared widely across our platforms with the aim of ensuring people know the dangers and act responsibly.”

Details on water safety including more advice on staying safe, access to Council’s policy on the issue and other useful information is available on our website.


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