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STEP Fusion Plant Engagement

North Ayrshire residents are being invited to an online discussion on Wednesday, 26 January, about proposals to bring an innovative fusion power plant to a former industrial site in Ardeer.

Ardeer is one of five sites in final consideration to host the Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production, or STEP, an ambitious UK Government programme to build a prototype fusion power plant capable of delivering power to the National Grid.

Representatives from the UK Atomic Energy Authority and Fusion Forward (Ardeer), the consortium which co-ordinated the bid will host the public online discussion on Wednesday 26 January (6-8pm) via Microsoft Teams. The online session will be open to all and the event will also be screened live in the Lesser Hall at Ardeer Neighbourhood Centre for those who are unable to access it online. Click here to register for the online event in advance here.

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