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Success guaranteed for 294 young people

Our Employability Team has helped 294 unemployed young people to progress to employment over the last year.

The team have successfully worked with local employers to create job opportunities for young people aged 16-24, supported by the UK Government’s Kickstart Scheme and the Scottish Government’s Young Person’s Guarantee Fund.

This success has been achieved using the Kickstart Scheme, which provided local employers with funding to create new and additional jobs for young people. The Young Person’s Guarantee Funding now offers the opportunity to extend these jobs beyond the initial 26 weeks.

Watch our case study videos below to learn more about how the Council is supporting local businesses and helping young people into employment in North Ayrshire.

Core Timber is just one of many local businesses
supporting young people in North Ayrshire

Thanks to the initiative, unemployed young people have had a chance to kickstart their careers and develop skills for future employment. Employers have been supported to develop a future, skilled and experienced workforce.

With the continuing investment, secured by the Employability Team at North Ayrshire Council, employers can access funding to create future jobs and get involved with the Young Person’s Guarantee by:

  • Preparing young people for the world of work
  • Breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for young people
  • Investing in a skilled workforce by providing apprenticeship and training opportunities
  • Creating job opportunities suitable for young people aged 16-24
  • Developing a working environment with fair work and pay for young people.

BPO Collections, Bouncestation, Restructa, Lowmac, Core Timber and Simpsinns are just some of the many local employers who have already signed up to the Kickstart programme and with 26 jobs still to be filled, a total of 294 local jobs will have been created for young people in North Ayrshire.

The videos above share more on how BPO Collections, Bouncestation and Restructa have helped local young people to embark upon their careers.

Laura Neil, Senior Manager (Employability & Skills) commented: “We understand that young people and employers in North Ayrshire have been some of the hardest hit during the pandemic.

“We are proud to have supported 294 young people via the Kickstart initiative and the Young Person’s Guarantee.

“Most of the successful candidates – who were previously unemployed and claiming benefits prior to accessing the new job opportunities – currently live locally, so it is fantastic that we are nurturing local talent we have right here on our doorstep.

“Our young people are the future of the workplace and so thanks to local businesses endorsing the scheme, alongside the Council’s ambitious Community Wealth Building programme to support and invest in the local economy, we have worked together with employers to create exciting opportunities for young people throughout the region.

“Not only has Kickstart supported young adults, it has also promoted to local employers the untapped potential of local young people and what they can offer.

“With the funding from Kickstart paying 6 month’s salary for each young person starting their new job, employers have a chance to take stock and recover from the economic effects of the pandemic whilst developing more opportunities to nurture the talent of our young people and allow them to gain the confidence and experience they need to succeed in the world of work.”

For more information on the Employability Team and Young Person’s Guarantee, visit the website at: North Ayrshire’s Young Persons Guarantee ( or email:

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