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Supporting young people with exam stress

With exams now underway, many young people and their families may be feeling the pressure.

It’s perfectly normal for teens to feel anxious about their exams. But if stress and worry are stopping them getting on with their day-to-day life and preventing them from preparing for their exams then they may need more support.

For tips on helping your teen to cope with exam stress, and what to do if it all gets a bit too much, check out the How to Cope – How to Cope Exam Stress section of the ParentClub website.

Remember, their school is there to help – they want your teen to do well too! So, get in touch with the school and see if there’s anything else they can do to help.

If you have a young person prepping for exams at the moment here are some handy sources of info and support to help them (and you!) cope with any exam stress:

If you’re worried about your teen’s mental health, you can always talk to your GP about it. ParentClub’s getting support when you’re raising a teen webpage has more information and advice.

Graphic about how you can help your teen to cope with exam stress with teen with head in hands and parent with study textbooks

Helpful SQA apps available

There are free apps to support teens at exam time.

The MyExams app lets pupils create and view their own personal timetable, add notes, and add their personal timetable to other calendars.

The MyStudyPlan app helps teens to organise their revision by creating a personal study plan. Once the study plan is created, visit for further helpful study tips.

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