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Voluntary Early Release Programme outcomes to be confirmed this week

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The Voluntary Early Release (VER) Programme was launched across the Council earlier this year.

Following a robust review and decision-making process involving senior managers, Heads of Service and Directors, it is confirmed that the assessment process is now concluded.  Application outcomes will be sent to all employees on Wednesday, 29 November, 2023.

Please note that outcome letters will be sent to employees via the email address noted in the original VER application.  Employees who applied are encouraged to check their email inbox on 29 November.


Employees Approved to Leave through the VER Programme

If you have been approved to leave the Council through the VER programme, you will be asked to meet a member of the HR team to complete the required paperwork. Appointment dates will commence from 6 December and run until 22 December, 2023.  Details of your individual appointment will be outlined in your outcome letter.

It is very important that you make every effort to attend this meeting to progress all the required documentation in a timely manner. Please note that you will require to bring information with you to your meeting – this will also be outlined in your outcome letter.


Employees Not Approved to Leave through the VER Programme

It is recognised that employees that are not approved to leave the Council through the VER programme may be disappointed with their application outcome.  Many factors were taken into consideration during the assessment process.

Should you need further information regarding the reason for your application not being approved, this should be raised directly with the Senior Manager for your service area.

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